Secure documents

Oberthur Fiduciaire Secure Documents and Services Division specializes in the design and supply of highly secure documents to governments, banks and commercial institutions.

At Oberthur Fiduciaire, we know that the best defense against forgery or counterfeiting is prevention. Using our extensive experience in the field of security printing, our team of dedicated designers creates complex designs that incorporate highly technical security features. Documents are printed in secure production facilities that boast state-ofthe-art equipment.

Oberthur Fiduciaire has developed a complete range of products which can easily be adapted to each customer: certificates, diplomas, deeds, checks, passports, permits, registries, tax stamps, visas, etc.


documents sécurisés
documents sécurisés

Services & solutions

In a fast moving world the information held on secure documents has to be processed quickly and securely.

So, in addition to printing secure documents, Oberthur Fiduciaire offers a full range of secure services to make information handling safe and efficient.

For clients who want to upgrade or install their own document information system we offer a service to help build and operate. We start by reviewing the existing systems and recommending areas for improvement. We specify and install secure equipment and if necessary we design and build (or renovate) buildings to the required physical and operational standards.

We support the start-up phase of the project by providing specialist staff while we train local people to run the system.

And when the system is up and running we provide maintenance and support to ensure efficient operations.

Example of secure services that we offer:

  • icon_scanner_archivageScanning and electronic archiving of documents;
  • icon_logicels_base_donneesTaylor-made database management software;
  • icon_gestion_documentsDocument management systems;
  • icon_reseaux_comm_secuClosed communications networks.

Land Registry

Oberthur Fiduciaire has built its reputation on its capacity for innovation and its cross-cutting solutions for all administrative secure documents of value: from an initial analysis of the project we develop specific software and dedicated solutions to meet end-user requirements.


Modernization of land affairs

La solution d’Oberthur Fiduciaire permet la protection des droits fonciers et assure le développement économique des collectivités :

The Oberthur Fiduciaire solution helps secure property rights and promote economic growth:

  • – simplification of property registration process;
  • – securing property deeds against forgery;
  • – guarantee validity of property deeds;
  • – creation and implementation of interactive maps;
  • – implementation of comprehensive database including all properties and parcels ;
  • – increase of land taxes revenues.